Prevent & Protect From Falls

Fall Protection is a very important component of construction and maintenance that is growing tremendously each year. Companies are taking advantage of today’s technology and finding more ways to prevent injuries and deaths in the workplace.

The initial investment for these systems will go a long way in your facility. A good starting point while developing what is best for your company is to visit the Fall Protection section of the OSHA website:

Gorbel has taken the forefront in the industry with their design of Rigid Tether track Fall Arrest systems. Unlike wire rope systems, Gorbel’s Tether Track systems deliver shorter fall distances, reduced risk of secondary fall injuries and an uninterrupted experience for a second worker in the event of a fall.

Here are some other reasons as to why these systems are so effective by design:

  • Designed by Qualified Engineers and meet OSHA 1926 Subpart M Construction standard and ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code
  • Features an enclosed track, exclusively designed for easy movement and provide the highest degree of mobility and safety for single or multiple workers
  • Tether Trolley wheels are tapered 2 degrees to match the 2 degree taper of the lower running flange of the rigid rail, keeping the trolley centered in the track and directly over the worker

There are many ways these systems can be laid out in your facility based on the area that needs to be covered. With some preliminary information in mind, we can discuss and design a system that will work best for your company.