Destuff-IT™ Conveyor Systems

Destuff-IT™ machines are specifically designed to help with loading and unloading floor-loaded product in containers and trailers. The Destuff-IT™ can help your dock personnel move a variety of product, from small 3-pound boxes to large 200-pound boxes of furniture.

Imagine a single person moving over 900 boxes an hour. That’s Destuff-IT™. Williamson & Wilmer is proud to exclusively offer these heavy-lifting machines to increase our customers’ throughput and handling capacity – with less physical labor.

Why Destuff-IT™?

  • Increased throughput
  • More ergonomic and less risk of injury
  • 50% reduction in unload times and man hours (typical)
  • Extreme portability allows the coverage of several doors without the machine taking up a large footprint of the receiving dock.

How Destuff-IT™ Works

  • One or two workers stand on the operator platform to drive the machine, control the conveyor and
  • The operator controls the conveyor and platform heights to put the operator(s) in the best position so the loading or unloading is as easy as possible.
  • With duplicate controls on each side, the transition from one side of the platform to the other is seamless. Driving the machine also requires both hands to be on the machine and the operator to be standing on the pressure sensitive mat.